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How to Create a High-Quality Slide Deck for Your Online Course

  • Step by Step process of eye-engaging slides from intro to finish
  • Learn how a slide's content can affect a learner's attention
  • How color and design can engage your audience's interest
  • How to keep your audience from leaving your course mid-way through

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Effortlessly create a slide deck with these top 7 guidelines

Go from haven't a clue to building a slide deck like a pro!

Use language and visuals that convey and engage

We've got you covered with visuals, illustrations and more.

Create a slide deck that engages your audience

Follow the step by step method of designing effective, informative slide decks

Make this part easy.

Why make extra work for yourself ? CliffHouse Media has taken the guesswork out of creating slides for your course or presentation. Here are the reasons these templates will guide the process and make it easier for you!


Understand your audience

In this templated approach, you find out how to appeal and engage your audience, no matter who they are or what they need!


Consistency in design

By designing your look and format once, you can use variations of your style and branding throughout your course. Consistent designs create eye-pleasing (or eye-catching) looks that your audience relies on throughout.


Make your content work!

Don't lose your audience with too much content overload! Our templates guide you toward the right amount of information for each slide.


Optimal visuals and interrupters

In today's click-happy, scroll -fast environment, you don't want to lose your audience. Use visuals, questions, surveys, and interruption techniques in the slide templates. Keep your learners active through the whole experience!


Tell a story that solves a problem

People connect through stories, case studies, and examples. Our templates guide you through the process of giving people solutions they don't even know they were looking for.


Slide review

Ensure your slides are ready for an audience. Let us check your content, style ,grammar and scale of engagement.

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Our customers love us

“I trust Scott and his team at CliffHouse Media to design engaging online courses from an area of expertise. He and his team excel in delivering highly effective educational content that is interesting, engaging and user friendly. They have created a unique model where you can learn how to reach your online audience, create an engaging course, and grow your ideas. Scott and his support team care as much about your online course as you do. I highly recommend them for all your online educational needs.”

Mark Gaynor

Professor of Health Management & Policy College for Public Health & Social Justice Saint Louis University​

“Scott and I have worked together on multiple projects that involved filming with a crew and actors. His ability to stay organized, on-track, and upbeat were essential to creating our films together. He is able to keep humor, deadlines and problem solving all in balance when it really counts. He’s smart and fun…that’s the best combination!”

Rowan Morrigan

Film Producer, Trickster Flicks LLC

Slides that make a difference.

Online courses have larger and more diverse audiences than ever before. The internet is our schoolroom, our life lab, and billboard of knowledge!

Stand out from the crowd! Find out how to differentiate and step above the norm, how to create information connection.

Slides that get you there faster.

Focus on what your audience needs. Spend less time with the mechanics of creating a slide deck and more time on your message.

How to make an impact. Use your information to enhance, empower, and engage your audience.

Primary Slides

You want the basic building blocks for great slides. Templates to build your message- 22 slides in all!

  • Front Page Slide
  • Visual slides
  • Layout slides
  • Interactive slides
  • Content slides
  • Case study slide
  • Closing slide
  • Ask for sale or feedback slide
  • Know your audience worksheet
  • When to use visuals and interrupters
  • Asking your audience the right questions


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Specialized Slides

You love the idea of creating with templates but also want extra attention. In this package, we give one on one advice, more slides, including the basic and bonuses!

  • Front Page slide
  • Visual slides
  • Survey slides
  • Interactive slides
  • Content slides
  • Case studies
  • Closing Slides
  • Ask for sale or feedback
  • Slide review by a professional
  • 5 Free Stock Photos
  • Know your audience worksheet
  • When use visuals and interrupters for engagement


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Custom Package

Are you too busy ? Would you rather turn it all over to the professionals? We can deliver fast with a team supporting your ideas and material.

  • Start to finish slide deck
  • Content developed on your slides
  • Create stunning visuals for slides
  • Slide templates for future use
  • Color schemes
  • Branding
  • Start to finish completions
  • Scenarios and interaction
  • Specific surveys
  • Interactive slides
  • Free Adobe Stock photos and vectors


Need more guidance? Not sure if you have the right stuff?

You need more help than creating content

Subject Matter Experts

CliffHouse Media is is staffed with pros whose experience is deep and wide. We are current with the trends in websites, use top tools in digital marketing, email campaigns and video production.

Creative Director and Writers

You may have the idea, the information, and just need help crafting the message and look. Your creative director and writer will reflect your message, your tone of voice, your brand.

We have a system that makes it easy to follow and complete

We partner with you helping you get there quicker

On time and ready to go...let's meet those deadlines!

Style & design consistency throughout

Repeatable templates for your next course, and your next...

Support and assistance ready and available

The CliffHouse Media Method

A Step by Step Process for Creating Online Courses using Learning Systems, Websites, Video Production and Digital Marketing

Pick big or small

Creating Online Courses and Information

Not sure where to start? Need additional expertise? Need a scalable plan?

The CliffHouse Media Method gives each of your projects, whether big or small, defined steps and outcomes.

You can choose one or several packages to build your business digitally. No budget is too small or big.

Experts you can trust

People who Care

We love what we do and our designers and developers are experienced in helping create fresh and vital websites.

Our professional videographers and instructional designers will give your course curb appeal and engage-ability

We have digital marketing strategists who build a dynamic and provable marketing plan for your business audience.

Your business dreams

Digital Marketing

We're here to help you navigate the labyrinth of digital media.

Whether it's creating an online course, setting up email campaigns or designing your website, our method guides you smoothly through all points along the way.

We use stellar software platforms and products, ensuring outcomes with longevity and adaptability as your business scales.

I knew that my slides needed something special to showcase my work. Frustrated with the same old templates and knowing my audience demands more, I turned to CliffHouse Media. It was a precise process with a quick turn around.

— Victoria Yeary

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