Skin Rejuvenation in Your 40's

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This is the key time to pamper your skin, fine tune your skincare products, and implement new skin services for aging gracefully!

Being in your 40's means more freedom, more time for you!

Changes to Your Skin In Your 40's

  • Texture is less smooth
  • Wrinkles more pronounced
  • Skin is thinning in places and thickening
  • Less Collagen being produced
  • Loss of volume and elasticity
  • Sun Damage is showing up
  • Eyes and Neck show aging

Key Ways to Enhance Your Skin

  • Anti-aging skin care products -medical grade for your skin type
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants (morning)
  • Retinol and Peptides (evening)
  • Laser Products administered by a Certified Aesthetician
  • Broad Band Light Therapy, Microneedling, and Regular Facials

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